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На выбор есть 5 вариантов мода: 4 слота 5 слотов 7 слотов 8 слотов 10 слотов. Доступно на 100 уровне дерева зачарования - заменяетЕсли Вы уже взяли перк на 2 зачарования предмета, то он дезактивируется и вместо него будет новый перк, который нужно заново взять!

This guide includes all the body slots available for armours in Skyrim and their standard usage. Some of them are already used by Bethesda. ... Skyrim More Equipment Slots Now that we cleared this up the first paragraph should make more ...Hoping skyrim more enchantment slots for a mod that shows equipment slots MMO style like Better yet, why .. More Slots for enchantments by dmc Skyrim » Magic ... Skyrim More Autosave Slots The problem is the way Skyrim handles equipment. .. female armor, has CBBE and other variants) make use of more than the standard equipment slots. .. EDIT: Mod authors can assign multiple slots to a piece skyrim more autosave slots of equipment.skyrim 27 ... Yardstick Method for Best Equipment Upgrade using Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing without Exploits or Cheats : skyrim

This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points Gives you more slots for enchantments. You can pick 10, 7 or 5 more slots. Only Pick one. Follow Us Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Join our Steam Community Join us on Discord Nexus Mods

Enchantment Effects [] Enchantment effects can only be put on items that are equipped to certain locations. Apparel Effects [] Apparel enchantments improve the player's attributes, or provide the player with useful new abilities or resistances. An enchantment's ... Skyrim More Armor Slots Skyrim More Enchantment Slots. skyrim more enchantment slots More Armor Enchantment options needed! ... You have 3 enchanting ... (Just Fantasy, not science!) - Duration: 7:04.Skyrim Armor Slots. skyrim armor slots This mod adds an additional apparel ... 7+ Enchanting Effects - Skyrim Mod Requests - The Nexus Forums

More Enchantments Mod

Больше слотов для зачарования / More Slots for... -… Главная » Файлы » Моды » Больше слотов для зачарования / More Slots for Enchanting для TES V: Skyrim.Моды. Теперь на один предмет можно наложить до 10 эффектов зачарования.

You only get 6 enchanting slots, 7 if you use a shield, double that if you go for enchanting which you should, but that still puts you at only 12 enchanting slots, The cost reduction enchantments take up the 4 most valuable enchanting slots too, Neclace, Ring, Armor/Clothes, and Head.

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