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Test time: 2.45pm Weather: After Rain Attempt: 1st Test route: #9 I passed my driving TP test on my first try on 21st March 2013. Upon passing you'll get a piece of paper to proof you're a legal driver before you get your 'Photocard Driving Licence'. 1130 - 1310 hrs - Practical Lesson (Revision) ... I wish you the best! Took me almost two years ...

Revealed: The best time of day to take your test | Theory Test Pro Aug 4, 2017 ... Discover the best time of day to boost your chances of driving test ... Now compare that to the worst performing time slot – between 11am and ... You're much more likely to pass your driving test at certain times of day ... Aug 8, 2017 ... Almost two-thirds of people (65%) pass their test in that time slot ... that it is best to avoid taking a test at rush hour or during the school run. The BEST Time to Take Your Practical Driving Test Revealed

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Bukit Batok Driving Centre Traffic Police Test? What's the best time slot for test, with less traffic etc? Was planning to take the afternoon session as I wanna practice in the morning. How to Schedule a Road Test: 13 Steps (with Pictures ... You will usually need to schedule the road test within a certain time frame, but the specifics will vary from state to state. As a general rule, plan to schedule an appointment no earlier than eleven weeks in advance and no later than one week in advance. Understand that in many states, appointments fill up quickly.

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Is there a trick to scheduling a driving test in PA? I can't seem ...

How to book the right practical driving test slot for you 8.10 / 9.07: There will be a lot of traffic. 10.14 / 11.11: Nice and quiet in town - good if you know you'll be taking a central route... 12.38: Lots of traffic again, as everyone rushes off to get their M&S lunch deal... 13.35: Lunch time Best time of the day to sit practical driving test I am a driving examiner and the OP should disregard everything in this post as total rubbish that is based on many assumptions. There is no best or worst time to take your test. If you can drive safely, considerately, legally, and in full control then the time, location, and examiner doesn't even come into it. Revealed: The best time of day to take your test | Theory Aug 04, 2017 · According to new research, there is a time of day which will give you the best possible chance of passing your practical driving test – but it’s not the time experts have previously said is ideal. In fact, the second best slot to take your test is 9am to 11am with a 52% pass rate, a slot where you can still expect some rush hour and school traffic. But whatever the time, the evening slot still wins out by a big … The Best Time to Take a Practical Driving Test | Dayinsure Driving Test Times. On an hourly basis, the average pass rate increased even further to 70.8% for new drivers taking their test between 7pm and 8pm. While for those who prefer an early drive, the average pass rates were 60.8% and 60% for time slots between 10am and 11am and 8am and 9am respectively.